About Our School

Our classrooms
 are carefully planned to promote a stimulating environment in which children discover materials especially designed for their readiness and maturity. The materials in the classroom offer a series of sequential, manipulative, and sensorial activities that bridge the gap between concrete and abstract learning.

The Montessori preschool classroom does not separate children by age. Three year olds enter the classroom as the youngest students, needing special guidance and assistance. By the time they are five, in their Kindergarten year, they have gained self-confidence and leadership skills which they practice and hone by taking on ever-increasing responsibilities for their classroom. Working on these skills is an important part of the third year program, and the skills the children acquire will help them throughout their lives.

Our classroom provides educational materials and equipment that encourage independent learning. This structure allows students to work on different stages of the same curriculum at various times, assuring that all children progress at a pace specifically suited to them.