Theresa Bellman- Administrator / Lead Teacher

Mrs. Bellman has been with CHM for over 29 years. Prior to opening CHM Springboro in 2000, she worked at the CHM Eastgate location for 11 years and at CHM Montgomery for 3 years.

Education/Certification/Training: University of Rio Grande, University of Cincinnati – Elementary Education; NCME -3 – 6 Early Childhood Montessori Certification.

I am truly fortunate to have a profession that I love and feel passionate about. After teaching at Country Hills Montessori for over 29 years, I am still thrilled to see the excitement and pride on the face of each child as they gain new knowledge. My personal goal for each student is to develop a love of learning, to become self-motivated, and to have a strong awareness of the community and world around them. I can’t imagine a more gratifying way to spend each day.

Special interests: I enjoy reading, kayaking, walking, baking and most of all spending time with my husband and four children. I also enjoy traveling and volunteering within my community.



Sudha Narayanaswamy – Co-Lead Teacher

Ms. Sudha is AMI trained in the Montessori Philosophy for the age group 3 -6 years. She is an enthusiastic teacher with 2 years of experience as a Montessori lead teacher. Ms. Sudha has also had previous internship experience in India.

Education/Certification/Training: AMI – 3 -6 Early Childhood Montessori Certification – Navadisha Montessori Foundation. Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

Special interests: I am the proud mother of twin boys. My hobbies are traveling and playing tennis.

What would you like to say about Country Hills Montessori?

At Country Hills Montessori, children are loved, supported and guided in their daily work. It is the mutual respect between the teachers and the children, freedom of choice towards work and impeccable communication which makes the CHM a unique place for kids to learn and grow.

CHM is a small community which fosters intergenerational learning. This opportunity allows children to work alongside seniors while sharing special interests like cooking, art and crafts etc. I believe this experience will help shape the mindset of acceptance and aid in their becoming responsible individuals. I feel fortunate to be a part of this wonderful team.